Victim of Excellence

Thus begins the descent of Dr. Elial Kirsch, from a sunny New England hospital to the dark tribal north of Pakistan. In probing a mysterious death, Elial stumbles on a deadly conspiracy. Victim of Excellence unfolds in the wake of the Soviet-Afghan war and the rise of the Taliban. Featuring the diabolical ideologue Khan Uzma, the corrupt General Aziz, and an American billionaire, Elial must reconcile his own past if he stands any chance of saving himself and his colleague, Dr. Katie Darling.

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Very riveting book, hard to put down. Difficult to believe that this is the author's first novel. The author combines a detailed technical knowledge of the medical and biotech research fields, excellent insights into the politics and culture of the Middle East, and a very thorough attention to detail with respect to character development, all to create a highly plausible, thought-provoking, and ultimately highly entertaining story. Looking forward to seeing more from this author!

Mike R.

A gripping, suspenseful, grab-you-by-the-shoulders-and-tip-you-upside-down novel. Elegant and coherent plot, humanly complex characters, and a tasteful sense for wit. I highly recommend if looking for an entertaining and engaging read, and a refreshing exposure to good novel writing. This guy clearly knows his stuff, not only about medicine, but also about culture, people, and politics. Waiting with baited breath for his next book....


This book kept me intensively engaged and excited aboit the next events and the next moves of the characters. I just couldn't put it down. It is also highly credible and researched, very good story line, easy and relaxing to read and a great topic to talk about at the dinner table. Great first novel and waiting for the next one!

Isabelle Claus

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Part medical mystery, part love-story, Victim of Excellence is the gripping story of the formidable odds facing Elial as he clings to his old-world beliefs of good and evil.

Victim of Excellence