Dr. Darlena Kureishi

Dr. Darlena Kureishi is a Canadian qualified physician and specialist in Emergency Medicine with over ten years experience as a staff physician at major Canadian teaching hospitals and trauma centers.  She has undergraduate degrees in both medicine and nursing.

Dr. Darlena Kureishi is a consultant in medical affairs and medical education to the pharmaceutical industry for clients including Bayer, Janssen, and Takeda. Her expertise as a medical advisor includes cardiovascular, hypertension, and oncology.


As an educator in the health sciences, Dr. Darlena Kureishi has over 15 years experience spanning across medicine, nursing, biotechnology, and occupational health.  She has taught both undergraduate and graduate students, and is currently involved in teaching modules in partnership with international institutions such as Leeds Becket University, Northumbria University, and the University of Bradford.

Dr. Darlena Kureishi also works with individuals as a career counselor and life-coach in career, and is a qualified image consultant.