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Creating Leadership with Legacy

Kureishi Consulting

Our mission is to transform people in healthcare organizations

Melding individual purpose with corporate vision in order to create the right strategy that translates into executional excellence and on-target performance.

White Papers

Tectonic Transformations

Tectonic Transformations: The Future of Biopharmaceuticals in Asia

The industry needs a radical transformation, and Asia offers a unique opportunity for remodeling the system

Strategic Drug Development

Asia: A New Frontier in Strategic Drug Development

The biopharmaceutical industry will need to relinquish its faltering “go-at-it-alone” linear model of drug discovery and development in which one firm controls all the pieces

Leadership with legacy

What We Do

Our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development includes:

  • Transformational coaching and change management
  • Leadership effectiveness & organizational diagnostics
  • Strategy formulation, decision making, and execution
  • Performance enhancement driven by personal purpose and commitment

Our Career Development “Connecting People with Purpose” include:

  • Career guidance & life-coaching
  • Professional image consulting
  • Public speaking & presentation skills
  • CV development, preparation for interviews, & salary negotiation

Our Advisory Services for Pharma and Biotech include:

  • Product development strategy for new molecules
  • International clinical development plans for drugs and devices
  • Medical Affairs strategies and execution plans
  • External Advisory Boards & Expert Panels
  • Physician-oriented education programs
  • Curriculum development for internal biomedical education
Our Guiding Principle
Leadership with legacy: Our purpose in life is to be good ancestors
Our Underlying Philosophy

To be truly successful in our professional lives we must reconnect with our authentic self and rediscover our original sense of purpose not only to reinvigorate our careers but give renewed meaning to our lives.

This renewal of our best self will not only help us perform better at work, but will have a ripple effect on our teams, transforming the environment we operate in. 

Better Health Care is Our Mission



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