Dr Amar Kureishi

Born in Pakistan and educated in Canada, Amar Kureishi is a physician, business executive, author-poet, and transformational coach with over 20 years of professional experience.

Amar has a degree in medicine from the University of Alberta, Canada, and is a Royal College of Canada certified specialist of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He was Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, and Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases at Foothills Hospital in Calgary.

He has worked across the globe, holding senior executive roles in Canada, the US, Germany, China, Singapore, and South Korea. He has worked as the Head of Global Clinical Development and Medical Affairs for Bayer Healthcare in Asia, Chief Medical Officer for Quintiles Asia, and head of R&D for Alcon Laboratories in the Asia-Russia Region. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at Novartis Korea.


Amar sees the purpose of life as self-discovery. He believes that the true Self is far more varied and mysterious than the imagination can conjure. Amar’s interests lie (to paraphrase WB Yeats’ in Sailing to Byzantium) in helping people discover the holy fire within and to become the singing masters of their souls. He is focused on helping leaders reignite their sense of purpose and to lead with greater empathy and self-awareness.

Key Highlights:

Amar is a writer, painter, and poet, and has published a full-length novel titled Victim of Excellence. In his free time, he likes to travel alone to far and unseen places